Monday, 22 October 2012

Just Follow Your Heart (Karin & Reva 2)

Karin exclaimed as she realized she had pressed the wrong button on her mobile phone. She deleted the last text messages before she had the chance to read it. She only knew that it was from Reva.
Karin wiped her eyes and face using her palms. She kept looking at her mobile phone, hoping that somehow the message was still there. Reva is not the type of person who likes to chat or text on regular basis. He would only use his mobile phone when there is a real need for it.
“How could I be so stupid? Should I call him? Should I text him? What should I say? I deleted your text before reading it?? How stupid would that sound?!”
Karin could feel her chest still heaving from her earlier sob and she didn’t want to speak to Reva in that condition. She just sat on the edge of her bed, thinking hard about her conversations with Reva, to find some clues on what the text was possibly about.
When her head finally felt heavy, she lied down and gave in to her mind that was telling her to close her eyes and drift off to the dreamland.

“Morning, Karin.. Can I talk to you about the Year End Performance? I can’t seem to get the right idea for the stage decoration.”
Karin looked at Galih with creased forehead, “Wasn’t Aira going to do the decoration?”
Galih chuckled, “Some parts of her idea don’t match the actual setting. She’s hoping she can make adjustment as they are decorating. I’m afraid that won’t be good enough. There will always be adjustments even when we have done perfect preparation. I want to start with the best preparation we can do.”
Karin nodded. She understood what Galih meant. Aira is a very relaxed person. Aira completed many tasks by luck or chance, more often than by hard work or determination. Galih is very polite and subtle, but he believes in making the best effort in achieving one’s goals.
Karin straightened her head when she noticed someone else is standing very close behind her. She didn’t need to look or hear his voice to know the person was. In her heart she knew straight away, it was Reva.
Today was the first day of school, after the semester break. Karin didn’t see either Galih or Reva during the holiday. She went on a trip with her parents to Bunaken, and she had a great time fish watching there.
She had faced Galih with no problem. She knew it wouldn’t be long until she could get over him. However, facing Reva would be a completely different story. She ended up not discussing the deleted text message with him at all. At this very moment, Reva is standing right behind her, just like he always does. Reva never interrupted Karin’s conversation with anyone. If he has any thoughts for her, he always talked to her when he could find the right time to do so. That is one of the qualities Karin always respects from Reva.
“You know I won’t be able to handle decoration by myself, and taking over from Aira will not solve the problem at all. I will see what she has and try to discuss it with her and her team, OK? However, you need to be prepared to accept some things that are not to your highest expectation. We are working with a lot of other people. We are dealing with multiple quality standards.”
Galih nodded, “I understand. I know I can count on you, Karin. Thank you.”
Then, Galih turned to Reva, “Hey, Reva! We’re still playing soccer this afternoon?”
Reva nodded, “Yep. I’ll catch up with you at the field.”
Galih nodded and waved as he was walking away, “OK. See you.”
After Galih left, Reva took a step to Karin’s side and greeted her, “Good to see you.”
Karin smiled and nodded, “Nice to see you too.”
Then, the school bell rang. Reva moved his head to the direction of their classroom and started walking. Karin followed, walking next to him.
Arriving in class, Karin looked at the seat she usually sat in, next to Maya. Maya moved out of town, following her parents. Karin doesn’t want to sit alone. She is not a solitary person. She always wants to be around people, surrounded by people.
Reva looked at Karin, who was standing still in front of the rows of desks. Reva knows Karin well. He could guess what was going through her mind, “The seat next to mine is empty.”
Karin grinned, “Of course, that seat is always empty, Reva. It is the seat next to yours!”
Reva exhaled and shook his head. Then he looked at Karin, “I meant, if you want to sit there. You’re not going to pick a fist fight with me, are you?”
Karin looked back at Reva, “Me? Fist fight with you? Yeah, right! Not even when that’s the last thing to do in my life. Why would I ever pick a fist fight with you?”
Reva motioned his hand to direct Karin to the seat he was referring to. Karin was reluctant at first, but, one glance at her old seat, she was sure she didn’t want to sit alone this semester. Reva is a quiet person anyway, so she won’t be disturbed by unimportant chats in class.
Reva dropped his backpack on his desk, while talking quickly to Karin, “You can always move back to your old seat whenever you want.”
Karin shrugged, “I guess. I prefer not sitting alone, though.”
Reva grinned and took his books out of his backpack without saying anything further.
Then, they both sat down, as the Science Teacher walked into the classroom.

One semester had passed, and things were going well, as usual. Karin is very busy with Year End Performance, while, Reva could usually be caught reading a book or doing his homework under a tree. Occasionally, Reva would come up to Karin, if she looked like she could use some breathing space from her activities.
Karin was facing the stage with her arms on her hips. Aira’s team was putting up the decoration and Karin was working as their ‘eyes’ from some distance, making sure everything looked as they expected.
When the team had finished the main decoration, Aira gave Karin a thumb up, suggesting a break. Karin gave her a nod, agreeing. Then, Karin heard Reva’s voice from behind her, “About time.”
Karin was a little surprised, not expecting or realizing Reva’s presence behind her, “Hey! Don’t tell me that you told Aira to take a break!”
Reva looked at Karin with a puzzled look in his face.
Karin waved her hand to Reva, “Never mind. Are you taking a break from your books?”
Reva shook his head, “I’m done for the day. I was going to ask you if you want to go home. I’ll get you home.”
Karin chuckled, “I can’t leave yet. You shouldn’t wait, Reva. I don’t know how long this will take. Oh, I really need a drink.. and some snack..”
Karin quickly walked towards the school canteen. Reva walked by her side. In the school canteen Reva took a seat next to Karin.
Reva took a sip of his orange juice and looked at Karin, “I thought you were going to look for the clothes for the Year End Performance crew?”
Karin looked back at Reva with a blank look on her face. Then she swung her palm to her forehead. She completely forgot that she still had to do that too! She had to go to the market to find outfit for the crew for the performance day.
Karin’s palm never landed on her forehead because Reva caught her wrist just in time. When Reva let go, Karin closed her eyes while thinking hard, trying to decide what to do. That was when Galih and Jessie walked passed them.
Galih noticed Karin’s expression for the distance, “Karin, what’s wrong? The stage looks great!”
Karin looked up and took a breath, “Galih, hi!”
Then she saw Jessie with Galih, she quickly threw a smile, “Hi, Jessie.”
Jessie smiled back a little unsure. This whole semester, Jessie has miraculously managed to avoid passing Karin by. Despite the numerous times Galih tried to convince her that she had nothing to do with him breaking up with Karin, Jessie was still nervous about meeting and talking to Karin.
Galih tried to get Karin to talk again, “Karin.. Is something wrong?”
Karin shook her head, “I can’t believe I can be so stupid! I completely forgot that I have to go to the market today, to look for the crew outfit! I can’t leave it until tomorrow, because most t-shirt shops are busy with orders from other schools around the same time. I need to make the decision today, but, the stage is not complete yet, and Aira’s team is working hard, I can’t just leave them half way!”
Galih looked at Karin, “Is that it? The crew outfit?”
Karin quickly nodded with a dead-serious look on her face, “Must be done today!”
Galih looked at Karin open-mouthed, feeling quite helpless, “Who can do it while you are here?
Karin exhaled, trying to calm herself, then, she looked up and turned to Jessie, “Jess, surely you can help us here.”
Jessie nervously looked at Karin, “Me? I’m not in the committee.”
Karin grinned, “You’re not, but Galih is. I’m asking him to look for the outfit and you’re coming with him, keeping him for mistakenly choosing soccer uniform as year-end performance crew outfit.”
Jessie smiled at Karin. She felt a little strange talking to Karin, but her nervousness suddenly disappeared. Karin is really easy to talk to. She doesn’t send out any sign of resentment or hate. The way Karin talked to Jessie was as normal as two friends talking.
Jessie poked Galih, “I think I can help. I’ve handled outfits and uniforms before. We’ll just call Karin from the market if we need her input.”
Karin exclaimed in relief, “Thanks! Go now! I know for sure that, at least, five other schools are hunting outfits today too. You don’t want to miss out on the best ones!”
As soon as Galih and Jessie left, Karin looked at Reva, who was already looking at her.
Karin smiled, “The outfit is done, and I’m stuck here!”
Reva grinned, “You could’ve chosen the market and left them here!”
Karin dropped her head on her folded arms on the table. Reva could hear her murmuring, “The stage is already half-way and Galih doesn’t go well with Aira.”
Reva let Karin quiet for a moment, then, he pushed Karin’s ice tea closer to her arms, “Your ice tea is becoming hot tea.”
Karin sat up and looked at Reva, “Thanks. I really need that ice tea.”
Reva went silent for a moment then started talking, “Karin, I’ve been meaning to ask you something, out of curiosity, but kind of important to me.”
Karin nodded absent-mindedly. Her mind was cooling down as the ice tea went down her throat.
Reva looked at Karin intently, “You never said anything about my text last holiday. It’s not like you not to talk about things in depth. Today, seeing you talking to Jessie, I sort of understand that you got over Galih, but how are you really doing?”
The text message last holiday! Reva still remembered it after one semester! It must be very important to him and she didn’t even know what it was about, because she accidentally deleted it! How could she tell him now?
Karin choked on her ice tea.
Reva tapped Karin softly on her back to calm her, “Karin, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you. I didn’t think my text was scary or anything, but if it had offended you in any way, I apologize.”
Karin looked at Reva with both eyes wide opened, “No, it’s not.”
Reva was now confused. Karin’s reaction was unexpected and very confusing. Reva looked straight into Karin’s eyes for a few seconds, until he had a guess of what might have happened.
“Karin, what was the last text you received from me last semester?”
“The one when you reminded me to swap the history books we bought.”
“After that? The night I got you home from the library?”
The look on Karin’s face changed. She tried to hide it, but she could never lie to Reva, “I..”
Reva tilted his head, “Karin, did you receive a text from me that night?”
Karin closed her eyes, “Yes, I did.”
Reva took a deep breath, “Did you read it?”
Karin exhaled, “Well, I..”
Reva lowered his face to Karin’s eye level, “Did you actually read my text that night?”
Karin looked down and softly shook her head.
Reva sighed, “Why didn’t you just tell me?”
Karin looked at Reva with pleading look on her face, “Reva, I was embarrassed to admit that I accidentally deleted it before I could read it. I felt so stupid! I didn’t know how to tell you that, and I thought you had forgotten about it.”
Reva looked up to the roof with both eyes closed then shook his head, before looking at Karin again, “Oh, Karin.. That kind of mistake happens every day. Millions of people have done it.”
Karin sheepishly looked at Reva, as he pressed ‘Send’ button on his mobile phone.
Reva spoke while looking at his mobile phone screen, “That message is very important to me, so I keep it. I just re-sent it to you. If you accidentally delete it again, I will send it again.”
Karin was really surprised to hear this. How important that message could be, to make Reva this determined about her reading it?
Karin jumped a little when her mobile phone beeped. Reva’s text just arrived.
Karin carefully opened it, and started reading it. Then, tears started running down her cheeks.
Reva looked at Karin, waiting for her to look at him.
Finally Karin looked up and turned to Reva, “Reva, do you mean this?”
Reva nodded, “Yes, Karin. I mean it.”
Karin looked down to her mobile phone screen again, “But, how can we be sure? We’re still very young.”
Reva smiled, “Time will tell.. But you have to follow your heart! Always!”
Karin still looked unsure, “What if, in the end, it turns out that we’re not meant to be?”
Reva’s answer is as confident as ever, “Time will tell..”
Karin looked at Reva.
Reva’s eyes were strong and confident. With his right hand, he held Karin’s left upper arm firm without hurting her, “Follow your heart, Karin! If in the end it leads you to me, you will find me with you.. Always..”
Karin smiled and sighed, “My heart is still numb and I still can’t think at the moment. I don’t know how long it will take until things cool down and my heart heals.”
Reva looked straight into Karin’s eyes, “Take as much time as you like and claim as much space as you need. I will be right here, as always.”
Karin let out a heavy sigh, “It doesn’t seem fair to you, Reva. I don’t like the thought of me hanging you like this..”
Reva quickly lifted his forefinger to stop Karin’s sentence, “Stop! This is all about you, Karin! Just YOU!” Reva ended his sentence with his finger pointed at Karin’s chin.
Karin closed her eyes, and let out a little sigh of relief, “I understand. Thank you, Reva. I guess, I really need time and space.”
Reva gave his hold of Karin’s arm a little shake, then let go, “Now, you should finish the stage. When you’re done, I’ll get you home.”
Karin gave a little wave as she headed towards Aira’s team. The stage was nearly done. The rest of the work will come in gradually during the week.
Karin didn’t talk much for the rest of the day. She understood perfectly what Reva was saying. She was sure that Reva meant everything he said. It was her that she didn’t trust. She didn’t even know what she wanted. Karin knew that she never wanted to lose Reva, but can she really be with him? Reva and his solitude.. while she always wanted people around her..

Time always flew. Humans can never catch up. Not even the light-speed Karin Febiany, most definitely not calm-solitary Reva KemReva.
They are both now in college, still best friends, without any signs of a future together.
Reva let out a heavy sigh. Karin had just confessed to him that she had fallen for Igo, one of the most available bachelors in campus.
At the beginning of their campus life, Karin wasn’t really paying attention to Igo, as she was still healing herself from breaking up with Galih. During that time, Reva’s quiet company was perfect for her. For some time, Karin was staying away from non-academic campus activities.
After a while though, Karin started to miss being with friends and being busy with student activities and campus programs. Reva was encouraging her to try out clubs that might match her interests. She finally found the ones she felt belong, the music performance committee. This committee is responsible to compile all music clubs in campus, and plan their performances for all campus events.
Ringgo Diaz Permana, or better known as Igo, is the chairperson of the committee. He is a smart and good looking, and doing pretty well academically. He had had his eyes on Karin since the first time he saw her, although Karin didn’t notice it at first. Slowly, as Igo made his moves, Karin was finally caught off guard. She appreciated Igo’s cheerfulness and they became close.
Reva was jealous, as Karin was telling him about her and Igo. However, Reva knew that Karin couldn’t be forced to move on when she is not completely ready yet. On the other hand, Reva would never know, how long Karin and Igo would go on for..
“Reva, are you angry?”
Reva shook his head, “I told you to follow your heart, and you are doing it.”
Karin sighed, “What now?”
Reva looked at Karin, “Let time tell.. I’m happy when you are happy, Karin.”
Karin knew that it was only partly true. Reva must be a little hurt at the moment, but he would always wish the best for her.
Karin smiled, “Thank you, Reva.”
Reva nodded and waved, “I have a class now. I’ll see you later, OK.”
Karin nodded, “OK. See you later, Reva.”

Reva turned around and looked at Galih who was walking towards him, “I thought you were not coming.”
Galih sighed, “Fia called, she caught a cold. So, I told Jessie, we’d go to the bookshop after practice.”
Reva, Galih dan a few other friends are instructors in a local Karate club. They have a tight schedule, and when one of them cannot come, the others have to take the responsibility of filling in.
Reva exhaled in relief, “Good. It’s never easy doing two groups at once. You want the high belt or low belt?”
Galih smiled, “You are better with the beginners.”
Reva grinned, “You worry too much about them being scared, while they still need firm instructions.”
Galih sighed again. Reva is right. Galih is always worried that if he is being firm, the members will leave. Reva always knows that it is not the case. The new members really need precise instructions on how to do the basics.
Galih glanced at Reva.
Reva noticed, “What?”
“You’re letting Karin go just like that?”
Reva chuckled, “No. I’m just not doing it your way.”
Galih closed his eyes, “What if she doesn’t come back?”
Reva smiled, “She’s a smart person, mate! She only goes forward, she doesn’t come back.”
Galih looked at Reva with a creased forehead.
Reva took a deep breath, “Look, throughout high school, she always thought that she could be with people and in clubs because of you. Now, in college, she just realized that she could do everything without you breaking the ice for her. She just found out that she has it in her! Now, she just realized that she is attractive to other guys too. She needs to go through this.”
Galih knew that Reva was right. He felt bad, realizing that he had misled Karin for a long time.
“I.. I never thought about it that way.. I wish things could be different.”
Galih is a very charismatic young man. He never needed any force to make people believe and follow him.
Reva, on the other hand, takes a while for people to know, trust and respect. Only people who have known him long enough would understand that Reva is a sincere and honest guy. Reva is not the talkative type of person and when he talks, he doesn’t make too much effort on being subtle. Lack of social interaction has built Reva into a perfect observer and the person he observed the most throughout his young life was Karin.
Reva looked at Galih with a determined look on his eyes, “I will not let Karin feel that she has to be with me because that is the only choice she has. I need to know that she is with me because she believes that I am the right one for her. If it doesn’t happen, then it is just not meant to be and I would rather face that, than looking at Karin who does not know how beautiful and appreciated she is by a lot of guys out there, for the rest of my life. I cannot do that to her or to me.”
Galih looked at Reva in disbelief. He never thought that his quiet-and-solitary best friend could ever express his thought and feeling as clear as he just did. Galih understood now that Reva loved Karin more than he did. Reva always wanted the best for Karin, even if he had to get hurt in the process.
Reva looked back at Galih, who didn’t know what to say. Reva landed a friendly punch on Galih’s shoulder, “Relax, mate! This is my fight, my choice, my life! It’s none of your concern. Now, go and instruct your team. They’ve started warming up without you!”
Galih shook his head and grinned, “Guess you’re right. Good luck, Reva! I better start the practice, before they start fighting each other without me!”
Reva sighed. He was worried, but he didn’t want to involve anyone in his situation. He couldn’t say how, but something in his heart kept telling him to be patient and confident. Reva always listened to his heart and he was not about to stop now.

Six months has passed since Karin broke the news to Reva that she was seeing Igo. Everyone in campus knew that Reva was Karin’s best friend and they’ve been friends since they were baKarins. Noone was daring enough to provoke personal questions about them, as being stared by Reva was as scary as facing a man holding a pointed knife!
Tonight is the final of Campus Band Competition. While Karin and Igo are busy organizing the event, Reva, as usual, is present on the scene, without any apparent contact with anyone. He had brought some books with him and ‘claimed’ a bench under a thick tree. He could see the stage clearly from there, and the loudness of the music was perfect for his reading mood.
Every now and then, other students came to say ‘hi’ and sit with Reva. They would talk for a bit before headed somewhere else again, for food or other people. Reva didn’t mind people coming and going. He welcome people and solitude just the same. People thought that he hated being in the crowd, but they were mistaken. He can enjoy the crowd, musical events, just not by bouncing around like most people.
The Campus Band Competition went on until late that evening. After a while, Reva started noticing something strange. More than a couple of times, he saw Karin walking past, looking over her shoulder, then walk away again.
Every time Karin walked past, Reva would also see Igo walking past too. There would be several minutes interval between Karin and Igo. Igo would be looking around, as if searching for someone. When he couldn’t catch the sight of the person(s) he was looking for, he would walk away again.
After seeing this scene repeated for the fifth time, Reva started feel concerned. He was on alert, something might have gone wrong. Why are Karin and Igo walking around, every so often? If they are in trouble, why haven’t Karin come to him to ask for help? Reva is really puzzled, because apart from seeing Karin and Igo walking around in circle, he hasn’t caught any glimpse of anyone sneaking, acting inappropriately or suspiciously.
Reva was drowned in his own thoughts, until he realized that it was late. He looked at his watch and it was already 9.30.
Reva tried to remember the last time Karin and Igo walked past him, it must’ve been around half an hour ago. Reva collected his books, put them in his backpack and then walked towards the parking area, to see if Karin’s car is still there.
Approaching the parking area, Reva caught a sight of Karin, opening her car door, and driving off campus. Not far behind her, Igo was walking fast while calling out to her, “Karin.. Karin.. Wait! What’s wrong? Karin..??”
Reva was covered by a medium-sized tree, so that Igo couldn’t see him there. Judging from the look on Igo’s face, Reva decided that asking Igo about what happening wouldn’t be the best idea. Reva slowly walked towards his motorbike and rode off. He had a good guess of where Karin went to.

Reva slowed down near the park, where the little fountain was. He could see Karin’s car parked not far from the entrance gate. He parked his motorbike near Karin’s car, and he started walking towards the fountain. Soon, he could see Karin, sitting on the little steps under the fountain.
Karin had her face down, on arms which were folded on her knees. Reva wasn’t sure whether she was crying. Quietly, he sat next to her.
Karin was a little startled. She pulled her head up with a worried look on her face, but then, she realized that it was Reva and not Igo, sitting next to her. She looked at him and gave a sigh of relief.
“Reva.. You found me..”
Reva looked at Karin with a concern expression, “I saw you driving off, and Igo was trying to catch up. What’s wrong?”
Karin looked at Reva with shaking eyes, “You found me here.. It’s always you who find me..”
Reva smiled, trying to lighten the situation, “If you want someone else to find you, you should tell them how. Otherwise, it will always be me.”
Tears started falling down Karin’s face, “It is always you.. You always find me..”
Reva’s smiled disappeared. Now he is really worried. He moved closer to Karin and held her shoulder firm, “Karin, I’m worried now. What’s wrong? What’s happening? Please tell me.”
Karin dropped her head on Reva’s shoulder and started crying. Reva patted her head, trying to calm her down.
“Shhh, it’s alright. Did Igo do anything to hurt you?”
Karin shook her head.
“Karin, I can’t help you much unless I know the problem.”
Karin nodded. Slowly, she stopped crying and took a deep breath. Then, she pulled her head from Reva’s shoulder.
Karin wiped her face with her palms, then she looked at Reva, “I might’ve hurt Igo’s feelings.”
“Why? What did you do?”
“I ran off when Igo was moving closer to me. I thought he was going to kiss me..”
Reva looked at Karin with both eyes wide opened, “What? Are you serious?”
Karin nodded.
“Why would you do that?”
Karin looked back at Reva, “I don’t know. I just didn’t want him to. I.. I didn’t want to kiss him.”
Still looking at Karin, Reva took a deep breath.
Karin’s eyes started to shake again, “What’s wrong with me, Reva?”
Reva chuckled, “Nothing is wrong with you.”
“I ran away when my my boyfriend tried to kiss me, and you’re saying that nothing is wrong with me? Are you being serious, Reva?” Karin was talking while standing up from sitting down.
Reva stood up with her, “Yes, I am serious, Karin!”
Karin looked up to the sky, then to the ground where her feet were, then she looked at Reva with a sharp look in her eyes.
Reva pulled a nerve and asked her a personal question, “What about when you were with Galih?”
Karin shook her head and looked away, “Galih never even held my hand..”
Reva was surprised with Karin’s answer. Moreover, he was more surprised with Karin’s calmness answering it.
Reva looked at Karin calm, “Karin..”
Karin looked at Reva, waiting for him to continue.
Reva moved a little closer to Karin, “There is nothing wrong with you. It’s just.. your heart was waiting for the one you love, and you didn’t realize it.”
Karin held her breath, “Reva..”
Reva continued, “Ask your heart, who do you really love, and you should listen to its honest answer.”
Karin’s eyes calmed down, as she let out a heavy sigh.
Seeing Karin has calmed down, Reva gathered his strength to ask his next question, “What is it that scares you the most about me, Karin?”
Karin took a deep breath, not completely looking forward to answering Reva’s question, but this time, Reva would not give in. He took another step closer to Karin. He was worried Karin would run away, but something in his heart kept telling him that Karin would calm down and tell him the truth instead.
Reva’s heart turned out right. Karin didn’t look worry with him being so close to her. She actually seemed calm and content.
“Karin.. Would you please tell me..”
Karin slowly looked up at Reva and started talking, “Reva.. I always feel that it is always enough for you to be only with me, but I always need to be with other people, besides being with you.. Then, I would be leaving you alone from time to time.. I’m afraid that one day you will feel that I’m not being fair to you..”
Reva exhaled and smiled, “Hmm.. I love being alone, as much as you love being with your friends.. And we love being with each other, don’t we?”
Karin nodded.
Reva added, “Karin, I don’t hate being with people.. I don’t hang around music events just because you are there.. Well, I DO want to be with you, around you, but.. I hang around music events because I like being there.. I enjoy the crowds too, especially when the music is good. You, and your team, always do a great job.”
Karin looked at Reva both surprised and relieved, “I.. I’m sorry, Reva.. I have misunderstood you for so long..”
Reva shook his shoulders, “My fault, really.. I never told you.. I never thought that it was your real reason.. I thought you just wanted someone ‘nicer’..”
Karin was a little embarrassed, but she wanted to be honest, “Nicer? Who can be nicer, Reva? You always make sure that I am safe and comfortable.. You are always ready to help me, even when I had a boyfriend.. I don’t want to disappoint you.. I don’t want to let you down..”
Now, Reva is embarrassed, “Karin.. You should know by now that you can never disappoint me..”
Karin gave a weak smile.
Reva looked serious again, “Is there anything else I need to clear up?”
Karin looked back at Reva, “What now?”
“Are you sure now that your heart has led you to me?”
“Yes, I am sure now.”
“If you are sure, then I will never let you go.. ever..”
Karin sighed sheepishly, “Never?”
Reva nodded confidently, “Never!”
Karin closed her eyes for a second. She was feeling so calm and content. A heavy rock was just lifted off her chest. She has now found her true feelings.. her true love.. the one person who has always been with her all her life..
Reva grinned, “Karin.. I’ve been standing very close to you for quite a long time, and you didn’t run away.. Is it because you miss me, or is it because you are too scared to run away?”
Karin quickly protested Reva’s question, “Reva..!!!”
Reva laughed outloud, then looked serious again, “We shouldn’t be out here alone this late, Karin.. You can talk with me about anything, anytime you want.. You can call me later if you want, but now, I have to get you home.”
Karin nodded and started walking to her car. She started her car and drove off. Reva rode his motorbike next to her car.

 -22 October 2012-